Katherine Moncrieff

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Katherine Moncrieff


While studying media and communications and interning at numerous magazines, Katherine discovered the world of beauty and that was it – she knew it was where she wanted to be. Almost seven years down the track, she has experienced a whirlwind of deadlines, shoots, attending launches and testing new products as beauty editor of NW magazine.

  • Who or what has shaped your idea of beauty?

    The old Hollywood screen goddesses like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly will always very much be my beauty icons – it’s that sense of elegance they both had which is so rare these days. Also it sounds cliché but the older I’ve become the more I realise that confidence is the secret to appearing beautiful – and smiling, anyone who is laughing is instantly attractive!  


  • How does the busy modern day woman keep looking fresh?

    Just taking 10 minutes for yourself to put on a bit of make-up before you leave the house makes all the difference to how you feel all day, I say. BB and CC creams are great for the time-poor woman; that and a little lip and cheek stain and you’re good to go! 

  • Is there a fragrance that gives you a strong sense of nostalgia?

    Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise was the first "big girl" fragrance I ever owned. I still remember walking around the fragrance counter deciding what to buy. 

  • How do you transform your skin when it's feeling a little lacklustre?

    A DIY facial. I try and recreate what you would experience in a spa with a hot towel, exfoliation, facial oil and mask – I even wear a white fluffy robe! 

  • What's one beauty convention that you think will never go out of fashion?

    Red lips will always be in fashion! 

  • What's the best beauty advice someone has given you that you still swear by today?

    Let your brows grow! A thick but well groomed set really does wonders.

  • Which 2013 runway beauty trend is worth trying?

    Braids. They look so pretty!