Kaye Scott

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Kaye Scott


Specialising in skincare, Kaye trained and worked as a registered nurse in Ireland and Australia in the '80s. Soon after leaving nursing she worked for several leading pharmaceutical companies becoming a much-loved expert in the cosmetic field. Kaye is often quoted in magazines such as SHOP Til You Drop, Women's Weekly and Vogue. Today, Kaye is a highly sought after practitioner and co-director of The Clinic, experienced in all non-surgical treatments ranging from Fraxel to Thermage.


  • Who or what has shaped your idea of beauty?

    Helena Christensen is beautiful. I like that she has never tried to look like anyone but herself.

  • How does the busy modern day woman keep looking fresh?

    Regular in-house treatments and always doing their homework – ie. with home-care products.

  • Is there a fragrance that gives you a strong sense of nostalgia?

    Paris by Yves Saint Laurent evokes a carefree era in my life - the '80s. Holidays in Europe, fun and being single!

  • How do you transform your skin when it's feeling a little lacklustre?

    An exfoliating enzyme mask is a great quick-fix.

  • What's one beauty convention that you think will never go out of fashion?

    The use of make-up to contour the face.

  • What's the best beauty advice someone has given you that you still swear by today?

    Wearing an SPF sunblock every day!

  • Which 2013 runway beauty trend is worth trying?

    Chloé’s 2013 Fall runway look was simple overall, with a focus on clean, glowing complexions. They evened out the models' skin with a moisturising foundation and a bit of concealer where necessary, so it gave a dewy but not too shiny effect. They also applied a natural lip and a neutral pink blush to the contours of cheeks for a healthy, natural looking flush. All ages can try this look.